Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest community safety organisation in the country and works by developing close liaisons between households in a neighbourhood and the local police.

The aims of Neighbourhood Watch are:

  • to help people protect themselves and their properties
  • to reduce the fear of crime by means of
  • improved home security
  • greater vigilance
  • accurate reporting of suspicious incidents
  • and by fostering a community spirit.

There are over 8,700 neighbourhood watch schemes across the Thames Valley. Each scheme has a co-ordinator, who is in contact with their regional administrator. They act as a link between the community, the police and other agencies. Schemes can include two or three neighbours in a village or entire housing estates in large towns.

Wendlebury is a neighbourhood watch area with coordinators for different areas.  You can receive updates from your area coordinator.

Police Alerts 
If you would like to receive regular updates directly from Thames Valley Police please visit You can sign on as an individual member of the Wendlebury alert system and choose the most useful types of alert to receive.