Wendlebury Village Watch Co-ordinators

Village Areas for Neighbourhood Watch Area  coordinator e-mail
1 MAIN ROAD from Bicester end up to & incl. letter box for Elm Tree Farm(2 properties there) 9 properties KAREN LAURENCE kal@abacuscounts.co.uk


2 RECTORY CLOSE 26 properties TIM HIBBERT tim.hibbert@btinternet.com


3 MAIN ROAD from Elm Tree Farm drive up to & incl. 4 Barretts Row & The Laurels

8 properties

Decision awaited janeburrett8@gmail.com

until further notice


4 OLD RECTORY COURT 9 properties MIKE PEARCE mike@imazed.co.uk


5 CHURCH LANE – from TOP END  to

Stutchfield & Stone Cottage 13 properties

Decision awaited janeburrett8@gmail.com

until further notice

6 CHURCH LANE – from “Kildrummy” down

To Elm Tree House (NOT The Laurels or 1 Waterside cottage) 13 properties

Decision awaited janeburrett8@gmail.com

until further notice

7 MAIN ROAD from 1-4 Waterside cottages

to “Dalhanna” & Bridge House 9 properties

KATE MORGAN cm.morgan@btinternet.com


8 MAIN ROAD from the Villas to entrance

To Farriers Mead 7 properties





9 FARRIERS MEAD 10 properties DON McCOLL don@collinc.co.uk


10 St. GILES CLOSE 29 properties PETER HOWELLS peterhowells@onetel.net

01869 249682

11 MAIN ROAD towards Weston-on-the-Green plus-from Good Review to bungalow near farm + The Plough House 29 properties DAVID JONES



01869 242514


12 MEADOW VIEW + properties after The Plough House 12 properties TREVOR HUDSON us155@btinternet.com


If you are new to the village please e mail the person above who is nearest to you. You will receive blind copies of what the police computer sends to the coordinator. The co-ordinator decides if it is relevant to  your area. If you have any security issues please contact that person. Should you have a much older neighbour please check if they have internet use. If not please pass on any messages  which you receive.
Thank you
Jane Burrett