Parish Council

Wendlebury Parish Council

Parish Councils are becoming more important because District Councils have become larger and more remote. Parish Councillors know the area they represent and are entitled to be consulted on planning applications, on such things as roads and footpaths and are invited to put the parish’s case at public enquiries.

Wendlebury Parish Council works to protect the character and environment of the village.

The Council's power for independant action is somewhat limited so for wider issues it achieves results by working hard to influence the actions of District and County Councils. It maintains rigorous communications with various local and national bodies.

A full list of powers and duties of the council is available from The National Association of Local Councils. You can download a pdf version below.

Two areas where the council does have power is in the review of local planning applications and the setting and expenditure of the parish precept, which is provided from the District Council tax.

The Parish Precept

The Parish Council has the power to improve the quality of village life by spending sums of money on anything within their power, which, in their opinion, are in the interests of the parish or its inhabitants.

On an annual basis your Parish Council claims a precept from the District Council from money raised through the council tax system. For the curent fnancial year,to March 2009, this is £3,960, equivelant to just £20.41 for a band D property.

This money is used to pay for such things as the village newsletter which is delivered to every home in the parish, churchyard lighting, flood signs, litter bins, small grants towards the upkeep of the playground etc. It also pays the salary of the Parish Clerk without whom we could not function. All payments are approved by the council and are recorded in the minutes so if you read the minutes each quarter you can find out exactly how the money is spent. More importantantly if you would like it spent differently or would like to see the amount increased then you should contact one of the councillors.

Planning Applications

Although the decision on any planning application is made by Cherwell District Council, all planning applications in the parish are reviewed by the council who can oppose an application which they believe is not in the public interest. There are strict rules controlling the basis for objection and certainly just not liking an application is not sufficient grounds to object.

Download this file (nalc.pdf)National Alliance of Local Councils Paper[National Alliance of Local Councils Paper]63 kB