Parish Council News

A very important village position...can you help?

From Julian Cordy - Chairman Parish Council

  1. 1. Parish Clerk Caroline Todd, has decided to step down as Parish Clerk, may I firstly thank her for all her work. The role provides a vital service to the Parish Council. So what does the job involve? There are 5 meetings per annum where you will need to take minutes and in addition: -

    • * Carries out the policy decisions made by the council.
    • * Is theadministrative officer and is responsible for seeing that the business of the council runs smoothly and in accordance with the law.
    • * Is responsible for managing the financial transactions of the council and keeping appropriate records of such.
    • * Carries out all clerical and secretarial tasks for a council.
    • * Guides and advises the council on matters of law and procedure, so must keep up-do-date with any new relevant legislation

    The clerks role carries an hourly salary and equates to about £1000 per annum.


For all of the above, please call Julian on 244589 or e mail