Book Wendlebury Village Hall

Book Wendlebury Village Hall

How to book Wendlebury Village Hall

The Hall was completely re-furbished in August 2009, and new floor laid August 2013

The Hall is available for hire to organisations and individuals. It can be hired by the session: morning / afternoon / evening; or by the day.

The Hall has Premises Licence which permits the performance of most forms of entertainment but has no licence for the sale of alcohol. Hirers needing a licence for the sale of alcohol will have to apply for a temporary licence to the licencing authority at Cherwell District Council. However, under current licencing laws only 12 temporary licences in any 12 month period are allowed for any location, so hirers are required to obtain permission from the bookings officer at the time of booking if they want to apply for a temporary licence.

You will need to complete and sign the Hiring Agreement and pay the hiring fee but you can make a provisional booking by telephoning Mrs Diana Broun on 01869 245033 or emailing

A link to the booking form can be found at the bottom of the page. Send the completed form, with payment to Mrs Broun at 25 Rectory Close, Wendlebury.

From Monday May 29th  to Monday 5th June  please  collect the village hall key from Gary Blake,  23 St Giles Close, OX25 2PZ.

It will be in the JCB shaped stone flower pot on the slates to the right of the house.His phone number is 01869 320895  E Mail:

Prices are listed in the letting rates pdf document found at the bottom of this page. Please check you have the January 2017 version.

Bookings are subject to the Hall’s terms and conditions of hire and are accepted at the discretion of the Bookings Officer. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a reason. We will not accept bookings intended for commercial purposes from non-charitable organisations. We will only hire the Hall out for discos and parties for 16 – 21 year olds if they are residents of Wendlebury.

Hirers should note that it is a condition of hire that they leave the Hall in a clean and tidy state. We reserve the right to ask for a deposit which will be forfeited if this condition is not met.

Please be aware that tea towels are not provided so you should supply your own.