Website Upgrade

You will have noticed some minor changes in the website in the last couple of months. There are more changes coming. I have been doing a lot of back office work to help things run more smoothly and prepare for a major overhaul that is coming soon. In the mean time here are a few changes I have already made:

  • Email List
    You will have noticed since 4 Jan this year the emails I send to you are in a new format. This new system improves the readability and security of the emails I send you. It also allows you to control your subscription directly so that changes are immediate and accurate. See the bottom of any of the emails for links to allow you to do this. In particular you are now asked to provide a password and a Forum username. Adding these details will allow you to access the village forum right from the outset.

  • Village Forum
    The Village Forum is now live. There is a new menu item on the home page which you can click to view it or click here Village Forum. Some areas of the Forum are completely public allowing anonymous users to view and post item, however most are for registered users only. The easiest way for you to register is by looking up your email list details and adding a username and password there which you can then use on this forum. Alternatively you can click the register link in the top right of the forum pages, if you register with the same email address that is already on the mailing list then the details are automatically cross loaded.

    Why not start with this poll about the travelling supper?

  • Online Calendar
    Do you use Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Apple iCal to organise your diary? If so then how would you like to have the latest Village calender available there too? Then subscribe to the two links below - simple.

    (Google bottom of the left hand pane of the calendar view under "Other Calendars" choose "Add by URL" and paste in one of the links, then repeat with the other.)

    (Outlook choose Tools >> Account Settings... >> Internet Calendars (tab) >> New... and past in one of the links, then repeat for the other. Ensure that in calendar view you are viewing in overlay mode View >> Overlay Mode.)

    (Apple - not sure as I don′t have a Mac, but Graham says you just click the links and the Mac does the rest.)

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