Review of Cherwell Dial-a-Ride Service

Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council jointly fund the Cherwell Dial-a-Ride service, which provides door-to-door transport for disabled and mobility-impaired people throughout the Cherwell District and Wendlebury is served by the Bicester Rural Service which operates Tuesdays to Fridays. Details of the current service can be found in the dial-a-ride leaflet below. 

The councils are currently reviewing the funding and operation of the service and it is likely that there will be significant changes to the scope of the service in the future.

The Parish Council has been asked to provide feedback on the current service and to this end your comments would be appreciated if:

  • You currently benefit from the service or know somebody who lives in Wendlebury who does.
  • You were unaware of the service but would now consider using it or suggesting it to someone else.

If so, please could you contact Lois Lancaster on             01869 252977       or so that your feedback can be including in the consultation.

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