Pilates courses at Chesterton School

Pilates courses run at Chesterton Primary School throughout the year. They are suitable for most people and ideal for anyone with poor posture, weak abdominal or pelvic floor muscles. The courses run in 6 week blocks and every programme is very different. You will work with bands, fitness circles, weights, stability balls and a whole range of other equipment which is supplied. All you need is a mat, hand towel and a bottle of water. We work in loose comfortable clothes so no expensive outfits are necessary and there are no more than 10 participants per group. The times are 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings. The cost is £50 per 6 week course. To check course start dates, discuss any medical conditions you may have or to book a place, please call Terri Hopkins on             01869 351080      or             0797 081 6979      . Please visit for more information about classes and complementary therapies offered to compliment your healthy living plan.

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