Challenging the Men of Wendlebury

From Anni Thompson:

It is well known in Wendlebury that we have a great many good male cooks living in our midst.  When we eat out on the Travelling Supper or at friends and neighbours it is often the male of the household who produces the delicious dishes of which we partake.

However now we have made a challenge to the men of Wendlebury to show us what you can produce  as either a cold canapé or a hot main course and let us judge your food -----and you are SLOW at volunteering

This is a fun event. No real experience is required as you decide what to produce and prepare it in advance. You bring it to the village hall where you can titivate or finish off your dish, heat it through etc. For a canapé you need enough to give up to 40 guests one each, for the main course just enough to give everyone a taste of your dish.

So there is no risk that you might make a fool of yourself, burning the hall down, getting loud suggestions from the fairer sex, tossing a pancake etc.  And even better we are paying you for your ingredients ( generous maximum level applies ).

Help us create a successful fun evening in the bleakness of a February weekend. If interested please e-mail or speak to Gordy Wills, Lois Lancaster, Graham Brown, Anni or Steve Thompson for further information as soon as possible. 

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