Wendlebury Playground - Do your Children use it?

At long last the swings have been repaired!
Sorry it took so long, but Trevor Stewart, who built the playground, has been very busy. Safety of the play equipment is vital. The playground has an annual safety inspection by ROSPA, but is also checked on a weekly basis by a group of volunteers from the village. The children of some of the volunteers on the inspection rota have long since grown up and no longer use the playground. 
It would be nice to replace them with people whose children are of an age where they use the playground. So if you have young children, why not volunteer? You would be allocated a specific month when you would be responsible for visually inspecting the playground once a week, checking for any faults and raking the bark around the swings. This only takes about 30 minutes and can be done on a day and time to suit you. I will even send you a reminder by e-mail when it is your “month”. 
If you would like to volunteer please call me on 01869 245738, or e-mail e-mail Kerry Wilce.

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