Bicester Masterplan Update


Thank you to everyone who attended the roadshow on the 21st September. I said I would keep you updated on all information as we fight to get this issue resolved.

Brett Chambers and I attended the meeting in Kidlington on the 26th September and below are the key points.

Adrian Colwell, Head of Strategic Planning and the Economy made the presentation on the process of the Master and Local Plan, two of his team were there along with Michael Gibbard who is the Councillor with responsibility for planning. Adrian came and found Brett and myself prior to the meeting starting and made it clear that he is very aware of all our concerns and that we need to get it resolved.

In summary, throughout the presentation, he kept referring to Wendelbury and our situation as an issue that needs fixing and that this is the one big issue they have got wrong so far. He said "Wendlebury is making it's concerns very loud and clear"

I had the opportunity to ask a lengthy and pointed number of questions which I think struck home with all of the CDC team. Brett asked a number of questions around the process on Masterplan to Local Plan etc and I think we are clear on how this all links up now

When I asked if other routes had been considered, he said they had, and there is a document called the Bicester Traffic movement strategy in draft format that has this in it. We will obviously get to see this and he is hoping it will be completed shortly

Adrian now wants to meet along Oxon highways as a matter of urgency to discuss all of this and the next day came back to me and I am meeting with them on Friday 5th October with Brett for more discussions.

I must encoruage everyone to write in, Adrian stated "Whatever is received will count, letters, e mails, completed forms." SO don't worry about how it gets there, in what form, just get it there and please make sure Lois gets a copy.

I think we have made a great start here and they are acutely aware that this is a big issue that won't go away and needs a better solution. As always please feel free to contact me on my mobile, number below, or via e mailĀ

Julian Cordy
Chairman - Wendlebury Parish Council
Mob: 07788 568281

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