Red Lion Update

From Julian Cordy
Firstly thank you to everybody that attended the meeting and the notes of support that followed. I wanted to update you on the current status.

We did not raise enough notes of interest to have a viable position to proceed with the purchase of the Freehold. I then approached Punch Taverns to say we would proceed with a Lease, but they have decided that they wish to sell the property now anyway. This has become clearer today by their statement to the City this morning, saying they are de-merging their business and going down to a core of 3000 pubs, i.e. selling about 5000.

Where does this leave our plans? We can have another attempt at trying to buy the property, so anyone who has an interest in doing this, please contact me on 244589, or we can wait to see if anyone comes along to buy the property and let events take their course.

I still hope that we can find a way to do this for the good of the village as a whole and I will keep you updated as best I can.

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