The Wendlebury Milestone - can you provide any information

You may be aware that the old derelict milestone that sat for many years in the village hall grounds has recently disappeared. It is currently sitting safely elsewhere in the village awaiting restoration. Some of the money raised from the jubilee celebration is being used for this restoration and hopefully by the summer the stone will have its missing inscription letters re-carved and will be painted and relocated within the village.
The stone is now featuring on the website for the milestone society Once on the site go to Around the Regions/South East  and there is a short notice about the stone. If you wish to read more detail go to the Articles and News section where you can read the history and detective work to date.
What is missing is the more recent history of the stone prior to the building of the Village Hall when it appears in the grounds. Was it already there before the building of the hall? When was it moved from the other side of the road? Can you remember it being elsewhere? Any information would be invaluable.
If you can help please give me a ring on 01869 243052 or email me on
Anni Thompson

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