Possible Flooding

Please see below an email from the Emergency Planning Officer warning of flooding in the village this weekend. 



I am writing to inform you that the Emergency Planning Unit has received early notification from the Environment Agency that there is a possibility that heavy rainfall on Saturday 27th July could result in a flood warning being put in place covering the Wendlebury area. 

There is a possibility that other areas will experience surface water flooding and might move to a flood alert status but no other property flooding is anticipated at this time.

The EA has undertaken modelling of the forecast rainfall and flood guidance statements (warnings attached) and their modelling indicates that if the maximum 40mm falls in the Wendlebury area between 12 noon and midnight on Saturday, there is a risk of a flood warning being put in place and some property flooding could occur. 

We are therefore contacting you as a precaution to raise awareness of the potential impact of heavy rain if maximum forecast levels of rainfall occur so that property owners can take necessary action to install flood defences to protect their properties.

We have contacted the Red Lion pub where sandbags were dropped last year in similar circumstances, to confirm that there are still sandbags available and the OCC Adverse Weather Manager is checking on these to look at their condition and assess if more are needed.

As ever, this is a developing situation with a level of uncertainty as to the weather system development and its impact, but I thought it prudent to inform you as soon as we received notification from the EA.  We would recommend that residents monitor the Met Office and EA websites following the links below for information and advice.





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