Dog Waste Bins & Irresponsible Owners!

Dear Dog Owners of Wendlebury,

Hopefully you will have noticed that we have purchased and fitted two shiny new dog waste bins in the village. One is located just outside the village hall grounds and the other at the top of Church Lane.  I do hope that you will make use of these.

On another note, it has been found that someone has been stuffing their filled dog sacks into the drains rather than disposing of these properly.  The offending drains have been marked up by the Council with green paint and next week they will come along and clear and jet the drain mouths and then lift the drains to clear out the offending bags.  We have been lucky this time that Cherwell have agreed to foot the bill for this but another incident of this nature could see the village having to find £1500 for this exercise.  If this was you, please think about the impact that your lazy and thoughtless actions could have on our village next time there is a flood with contaminated water everywhere for the children to wade through and try to make a more responsible decision next time.  With dog ownership comes responsibility!

Thank you

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